About Us

Who are we

Whole World Women Association is a multicultural non-profit organization based in Cape Town, South Africa. It was founded by a remarkable group of refugee women, supported by South African women, who had experienced first hand the need for more comprehensive refugee services specifically addressing women in Cape Town. The organisation works to empower refugee women and children by offering a wide range of services.

The organisation started off as a women support group where refugee women in Cape Town (South Africa) could meet to discuss their issues. As the needs of many in this vulnerable group, there was a need take action to improve their situation. From this humble beginning it was formally established in 2007 as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).

WWWA works to empower and support the large and often overlooked community of refugee, asylum seeking, and migrant women in South Africa. These women face incredible and complex challenges in relocating and many have faced gross injustices. Our clients also face discrimination at different levels. They are discriminated as women, as refugees, as foreigners as people living with HIV/AIDS, as unemployed, as poor people, and also as children. Our women have a burden of caring for their children. Refugee women face major adjustment issues as well as trauma related stress, which is rooted in their experiences of being refugees living in a foreign country. Additionally some migrants face discrimination coming from various actors: sometimes from their own families, communities, and unfortunately also from the public, including government departments, health facilities, and the law enforcement officials. WWWA is determined to address these challenges as well as the serious problem of xenophobia within South Africa in hopes of eradicating it one day.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve a world in which all women can enjoy equality and dignity.

Our Mission

Our vision is to achieve a world in which all women can enjoy equality. We seek to make a lasting and meaningful change for people seeking refuge by ensuring their human rights upheld facilitating a smooth integration process with the local communities they stay in and dignity.

Our Values

Assist all refugees regardless of race, religion, gender, health or sexuality.

Empower refugees and foster their independence and self-determination

Engage, educate and work with the community as the key to creating social change and integration.

Work from a social justice model that is committed to human rights

Value an organisational culture which is responsive to the needs and wants of refugees and involves volunteers as the heart of our work force.